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Finding your own voice

Finding your vocal range: Step 1.1: Sing any note. Be aware of how you feel when you sing high and low notes. Do not be critical about your vocal tone. In other words, don’t be too fussy about how your voice sounds. Just be aware how you feel when singing a high note. Is it straining? Do you push the note? Try to find the highest note you can sing that feels natural. Again, don’t worry if it’s lower note than you expect. If you are confident that you found your highest note (you can sing without feeling too uncomfortable) , try determining the pitch of the note. This can be done with a piano or guitar (or any other instrument). Play around on your instrument until you find the exact pitch you are singing. This may take a while. Be patient. You can also use a tuner. Just make sure you set it to chromatic tuning. The tuner will give you the pitch. Repeat the process with a low note Step 1.2: Now that you know where the highest and lowest note you can sing comfortably are, do research on where that two pitches fit in. Is it soprano (very high) alto (normally female) tenor (normally male) baritone (very low) Step 1.3: Now that you know what your range is. Go to YouTube and do daily warm up exercises. I use Jeff Rolka’s daily exercises but you can find the coach that suits you. If there’s something you can add to this advice, or have questions, feel free to comment below. I hope this helps you.

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