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Sound Check Procedure

Sound check procedure when working with backtracks: 1. Set up everything so that it’s ready to play. 2. Play music on system to check if sound comes through all the speakers equally and to see if all the speakers are working properly. 3. Turn off music and check the mics. 3.1 A tip for tuning the mics: Make sure the channel settings of each mic are restored to the centre. Turn the gain up to where you hear feedback. (be gentle in doing this) Turn the gain slightly back to where it stops the feedback and then adjust the frequency until the mic sounds the best. (don’t take to long with this otherwise you’ll irritate the crowd)

4. Tune your guitar until it sounds right. 5. Let the crowd know that you’re doing a soundcheck and play a half a song. 6. Adjust the finetuning between the mic and acoustic guitar. 7. Now you are ready to balance the frequency of the backtracks. 8. Leave the mic and guitar plugged in and the channels open so that the speakers can pick up the sound the acoustic and mic makes. This influences the sound and is very important step. DON’T leave out this step!!! 9. Put a playlist on of very enjoyable music the crowd can enjoy. 10. It works best if you have Bluetooth on your music device so you can go sit somewhere in the middle or even better at the back of the venue away from the speakers. 11. Now take your time and think of what you are hearing and look for the frequencies to boost or cut in order for the sound to be loud enough for you to hear it clearly but pleasant on the ear so you can hear people talking without straining their voices. This will allow you to sing with more freedom because you too will hear everything clearly including your voice and the backtrack. I hope this helps you in your journey to achieve perfect sound every gig in order for you to have an appreciative crowd and vocal health to do it all again tomorrow. Watch out for my next blog on the checklist I use to ensure I have everything I need for the gig. Have a wonderful show!

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